Summer offer: ChessBase 17 + Fritz 19

by clement

With the ChessBase program, you can save, manage and analyze your own games; you can create as many databases as you like and organize and edit your game collections as you wish.

Latest generation highlights in ChessBase 17 – 2024 edition:

  • New data format: less data, more functions, more comfort and more speed.
  • Improved analysis: automatic comments with variants; forced continuations are de facto recognized and the “buddy” heuristic creates more computational depth.
  • Pearl search: discover spectacular parts at a glance. The most beautiful of these are highlighted in the database list.
  • Improved user interface: high-resolution 2D chessboard. Graphics are displayed much faster than before.
  • New, more structured search mask: searching for material is easier. Instant feedback on sources found.
  • Intelligent position entry: when entering the first moves, the fonts are already displayed.
  • File control: all database paths can be configured in detail in the options dialog box.
  • New game notation structure: intelligent scrolling, intelligent symbols.
  • Modern, integrated browser for all database texts.
  • More structure: visualization and attack relationships (optional).
  • Dark mode: to make the interface graphically darker.
  • Dozens of details have been improved to make use even more comfortable. For example, the last part you worked on is automatically loaded.
  • Multilingual version: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch.


Fritz 19 is one of the most powerful chess programs in existence – in fact, it’s the reigning world chess champion. So it’s an excellent companion for studying the game and finding new variants you can use in your games.

Of course, there’s no point in playing directly against a program that’s over 1000 Elo points stronger than you. But Fritz 19 has something very special to offer:

With six different characters that mimic the styles of typical club players, Fritz 19 plays human shots that match them. At the same time, it incorporates tactical errors so you can win with aggressive play.

Fritz 19 also offers a wide range of tips and tricks that you can use to the full or ignore, as you see fit. If you use all the tips, you’ll almost always win against the “strong club player” level. If you ignore them completely, it becomes a real challenge.


Summer offer or how to save big!

  • ChessBase 17 list price: 189€90
  • Fritz 19 list price: 89€90
  • Total: 279€80
  • Usual group discount: 249€90

This week, from July 01 to 07, the winning duo for only 199€90!

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