Special offer: Fritz 19 & Fritz Powerbook 2024!

by clement

Fritz 19 presentation

Fritz Powerbook 2024

The Fritz Powerbook 2024 contains 25 million opening positions, derived from 1.7 million high-level tournament games. Each position is accompanied by all the relevant information: all the moves that have been played in the position, with the players’ Elo average and results. The games from which the Fritz Powerbook 2024 was compiled (with the exception of the Corr games) are also included on the DVD or in the download version. The Fritz Powerbook 2024 represents the state of the art in current opening theory. 100,000 of the best games in database Corr (correspondence games) 2024 to further improve the theoretical value of the book’s moves. With the 2024 edition, you get 3 books: Fritz Powerbook, Strongbook and CorrBook.

Discover new, exciting and delicate lines and train against Fritz. In addition, the DVD contains a small, very exclusive book with the strongest GM games (ELO >= 2550) of the last 100 years (2.7 million positions) and the StrongBook game database.


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