Reactions to the decision of the FIDE Ethics Commission

by clement

Statement by the Russian Chess Federation (RCF) on the decision of the FIDE Ethics Commission

The FRE considers the decision of the FIDE Ethics Commission to be opportunistic, politically motivated and discriminatory against Russian chess players. The FRE will continue to fight for the rights of its players.

The FRE believes that the FIDE Ethics Commission has exceeded its powers. The question of the Ethics Commission’s powers will be discussed at the FIDE General Assembly to be held in Budapest in September 2024. The General Assembly is the supreme legislative and executive body of the International Chess Federation. Its decisions are binding on FIDE’s executive and legislative bodies.

The FRE has not violated the FIDE Code of Ethics. The FRE is not involved in political activities, but in the development of the game of chess. We are convinced that the organization of chess tournaments, for which the FRE is directly responsible, cannot be a reason to impose sanctions on the FRE and Russian athletes.

There are many conflicts in the world and sport, including chess, should not be mixed up with politics. The task of sports organizations is to bring people together, not divide them. This principle guides the FRE’s activities.

Andrey Filatov, President of the FRE


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