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by clement

L’Encyclopedia of Openings provides quick access to all openings. They are sorted by name and ECO code in the menu for quick and easy access. The tutorials provide a quick but comprehensive overview to help every chess player find the most appropriate opening for their personal preferences.

75 high-quality videos are included in Encyclopedia 2024, from our most popular ChessBase authors: Daniel King, Dorian Rogozenco, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, Mihail Marin, Ivan Sokolov, Adrian Mikhalchishin, Leon Mendonca, Jan Werle, Luis Engel, Rainer Knaak – among others. The number of specific articles continues to grow: 1,463 to date.

Another highlight: GM Dorian Rogozenco presents current trends in world-class chess. All this makes the new 2024 Opening Encyclopedia an indispensable reference work for all players.

  • 1’463 specific analyses with games and ideas annotated by GMs
  • More than 40’000 commented parts
  • 7’679 studies, including 350 new or updated
  • 75 videos for a total duration of over 27 hours
  • GMDorian Rogozenco presents the latest trends (9 videos)

GM Dorian Rogozenco on the use of the Encyclopedia of Apertures 2024


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