Norway Chess Women: R1 live

by clement

05/27/2024 – As part of the 12th edition of Norway Chess, a women’s tournament with six participants is taking place in Stavanger from May 27 to June 07 (with rest days on May 31 and June 05): Koneru Humpy, Lei Tingjie, Ju Wenjun, Anna Muzychuk, Vaishali Ramesbabu and Pia Cramling, who compete in a round-robin championship at a rate of 120′ +10” from the 41st move. The winner takes 3 points. In the event of a draw, an Armageddon takes place (10′ for White against 7′ for Black); the winner of this extra time earns 1½ points, the loser 1 point. | To be followed daily from CEST 5 p.m. with the comments by David Howell, Anna Rudolf and Danny Rensch | Logo: comments.

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