Luke Leon Mendonca: The Keymer Variation – 1.♘f3 d5 2.e3

by clement

Luke Leon Mendonca: The Keymer Variation – 1.♘f3 d5 2.e3

A poisonous weapon, easy to learn

People didn’t take 1.♘f3 d5 2.e3 too seriously until recently, when online chess started to become popular due to the pandemic, as this line was frequently used. I discovered how venomous this opening was when I tried to find a way to play against it with Black, and to my surprise, it wasn’t easy. Vincent Keymer uses it in a large percentage of his games and gets excellent positions and results. With this opening, White avoids the dominant theory and there is more than one possibility for each move. The opening is a mixture of positional and offensive elements, depending on the system chosen by Black. I don’t think most club-level players would know how to effectively counter this opening.

Arne Kähler interviews Luke Leon Mendonca

Luke Leon Mendonca: The Keymer Variation

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About the author

Luke Leon Mendonca (b. 2006) is one of the young Indian talents who achieved the GM title at the age of 14. During the pandemic, he won over 150 Elo points and 3 GM standards. His strong point is endurance. Recently, at the age of 17, he exceeded 2600 Elo. His opening ideas are not only theoretical, but he tests them in practice against the strongest opponents.

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