How do I build an opening directory from scratch?

by clement

1. Fresh ideas for your directory

A personalized approach to building or expanding your repertoire of openings according to your personal preferences and strategic objectives, thanks to a collection of articles, annotated games and videos.

This resource is designed to provide players with the tools and knowledge to select openings that not only suit their playing style, but also incorporate innovative strategies and ideas into their game.

2. Study videos

The Encyclopedia of Openings 2024 includes 75 high-quality videos, totaling over 27 hours of content, featuring popular ChessBase authors and numerous GMs, such as Daniel King and Rustam Kasimdzhanov.

These videos offer clear, lively explanations, making complex concepts accessible and giving viewers a fresh perspective on opening preparation.

3. Tutorials

Opening tutorials offer a comprehensive but accessible overview of all established chess openings.

Designed to help chess players of all levels find the most appropriate opening for their personal preferences, these tutorials combine theoretical depth with practical advice, ensuring a solid grounding in opening principles and strategies.


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