Chessable Masters: Carlsen easily beats Firouzja in the final!

by clement

07/02/2024 – Just as had happened in Divisions II and III, the hitherto unbeaten Magnus Carlsen bit the dust in the first heat of the final, but bounced back masterfully in the Grand Final Reset, downing Alireza Firouzja by the unassailable score of 2-0. Yesterday Vincent Keymer won Division II by beating Levon Aronian 2-0 in the Grand Final Reset – i.e. Aronian, who had just won the losers’ bracket, beat Keymer 3-2 in the first match of the day (the Grand Final as such) in the Armageddon. Similarly, in Division III, Alexey Sarana didn’t let his second chance go to waste, winning the Reset Grand Final against Alexander Grichuk after losing the Grand Final. | The festivities kick off each day at 5 p.m. CET, with the live commentary from the team.

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