Finals highlights ♖ vs ♜♟ with Surya Ganguly: two quick appetizers

by clement

Older players remember: learning endgame theory from books used to be a bit tedious. You had to build the position, replay the model variant, rebuild, replay the first secondary variant, rebuild, replay the sub-variant of the secondary variant, rebuild, replay the second secondary variant, etc. in extenso. Phew, this has fundamentally changed with the computer. But it’s even better when the meaning of the various moves is explained at the same time – in a video lesson, for example. Indian GM Surya Ganguly has provided such explanations in his new two-volume course Endgame Essentialswhich has already received rave reviews.

Ganguly has been Anand’s second-in-command at several world championship fights and will have analyzed some rather complex problems for the world champion. But he proves in this video course that he can convey the fundamental basics just as well. The course is particularly useful for less experienced players, but the level increases rapidly afterwards. So it’s also suitable for experienced club and tournament players. You’ll be amazed at everything you don’t know, but should (perhaps you’ve forgotten?).

Here’s a little appetizer:

Example 1: Lucena’s position

From: Surya Ganguly – Endgame Essentials you need to know Vol.1

Are you already in top form for the final? If so, the following test will certainly be easy for you, even if some GMs can be wrong, as you’ll see.

Example 2

From Surya Ganguly – Endgame Essentials you need to know Vol.2 Test Position

Here are the two examples again, to be replayed on the chessboard:

Also available separately.

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