Carlsen wins the GRENKE Chess Classic

by clement

02/04/2024 – Since celebrating his 33rd birthday on November 30, the world No.1 has won six tournaments in a row: the Champions Chess Tour Final, the World Rapid Championship, the World Blitz Championship, the Chessable Masters, the Freestyle G.O.A.T. Challenge and now the Grenke Chess Classic. In Karlsruhe, Magnus Carlsen beat Richard Rapport 1½-½ times in the final. MVL took third place, beating Vincent Keymer in the first tie-break at 10’+2”. Finally, the world champion, as disappointing as ever, finished penultimate thanks to his only win of the tournament against Daniel Fridman. | Hans Niemann finished alone at the top of the Open with 8/9. | Photo: Angelika Valkova.

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