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by clement

64 the number of squares on the chessboard!
64 the number of years of your magazine Europe Échecs!

From Tal’s world title in 1960 to Magnus Carlsen’s title and Bobby Fischer’s victory in the Match of the Century, rediscover the great champions and their unforgettable exploits in this anniversary book!

From strokes of genius to coups de théâtre, the great history of chess is written page after page by richly illustrated archive documents from Europe Échecs magazine, reprinted here for the first time.

A must-have bedside book for all chess players, which will help you relive the key moments in the history of chess with a touch of nostalgia and plenty of emotion. But that’s not all: this book also contains dozens of game analyses by legendary players, photos, anecdotes and progress tips!

Delivery begins on Monday, February 19

This exceptional work, conceived as an essential reference for enthusiastswill take pride of place in your library:

  • 672 pages and over 500 archive documents
  • Sewn hardback binding, with bookmark
  • Hardcover with varnish
  • Quality paper (115 grammage)
  • Color printing

It was our duty, in view of the history of chess and of the magazine, to offer a quality book to our loyal readers who have been passionate readers of Europe Échecs for several decades, the magazine accompanying the chess history of each and every one of them.

This book is in three parts, to make it easier to read the archives selected from nearly 750 issues and over 40,000 pages published since 1959.

Part 1: the history of chess, year by year

Relive the most glorious pages in chess legend, such as the Match of the Century!

The book retraces year after year the great chess events and legendary games.

Part 2: Behind the scenes at Europe Chess

This book also pays tribute to those who have written the history of Europe Chess.

This is an opportunity to delve into some of the main columns, such as O’Kelly’s Faites-vous la main, Korchnoi’s great analyses and Sylvain Zinser’s essential Petit Cahier.

Part 3: Forgotten treasures

1995: Étienne Bacrot, then the youngest international grandmaster, photographed in Méricourt-sur-Somme, then blitzing against Vladislav Tkachiev, visibly very relaxed!

The archive documents have been carefully selected by the Europe Chess team, and you’ll discover some real nuggets.

For example, this problem sent by John Paul II, who describes Europe Échecs as a “papal” magazine!

We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed making it!

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