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00:00 – Intro
01:35 – Anish’s experience following the Candidates so far
02:57 – Alireza-Gukesh (round 7)
06:25 – Nepo’s performance so far, games against Pragg and Hikaru
14:13 – How many points does Anish think the winner will need?
16:18 – Fabiano’s performance so far
20:52 – Gukesh’s play
23:03 – Pragg’s crazy combinations
28:32 – Vidit-Pragg (round 3)
32:29 – Could this be Pragg’s tournament?
34:20 – Vidit’s play thus far, his early win against Hikaru
37:20 – Vidit’s “meditation”, other top players’ rituals before games
43:24 – AD BREAK
44:04 – Hikaru jumping right to YouTube after a game, even a loss
48:30 – Anish’s dislike of post-game press conferences, his preference for Hikaru’s approach
52:32 – Alireza’s tournament
58:33 – Who does Anish favour, halfway through the tournament
1:06:23 – The Women’s Candidates Tournament

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